Snack Bowl


Sherród Faulks
Snack Bowl
Sangre glaze on stoneware
1.875H x 5W x 5D inches
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Artist Info

Portsmouth, VA

CLAY | Functional pottery

Artist Bio | Sherród Faulks spent his early adulthood working in software development and design positions before moving to central North Carolina where he established a thriving food media company with one of his best friends. When he took a beginner’s pottery class his life shifted in a direction he never would have expected. By 2020 he was working as a full-time ceramicist, creating handmade goods with a luxe modern aesthetic under the brand name DEEP BLACK. His products have been featured in various publications including The New York Times, Ebony, VICE, and House & Garden.

Artist Statement | DEEP BLACK was born out of a desire to create a brand that reflects my aesthetic sensibilities and ethos. As I learned about pottery, I sought out other creators on the internet and discovered a few things. First, pottery in more modern designs is uncommon. Secondly, pottery can be wildly expensive and yet poorly made. Lastly, there aren’t many potters of color — fewer still black and brown potters. I have combined all of these problems and put them at the heart of DEEP BLACK. This brand is about helping people cultivate a sophisticated, modern, luxurious aesthetic in an affordable and sustainable way that supports small creators. Even more importantly, it’s about encouraging collaboration between artisans of color from a range of backgrounds. I also believe in giving back through educational content, acts of service, and verifiable charitable donations.

These new pieces represent the future of the brand, including a commitment to imperfection. As DEEP BLACK grows and scales I never want to lose the mark of the maker. So I have intentionally embraced non-structural imperfections in the clay body caused by the unique and infrequently-seen process of the jigger machine.

Technical Info | All DEEP BLACK products are fully vitrified and exhibit negligible water absorption. Glazes are formulated to be non-toxic and are independently tested for toxicity as necessary. All pieces are food-, microwave-, and dishwasher-safe unless otherwise noted. When taking a hot ceramic piece out of a microwave, take care not to set it on a cool surface or the quick temperature change could cause it to crack.