Steel Micro Chisel | “O” Patterned


Shanna Leino
Steel Micro Chisel | “O” Patterned
High carbon steel
4.5L x .25W x .25D inches
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“While working on books, I found myself needing simple but special tools to carry out the work on leather, wood, and bone. That set me on the road to making folders, awls, punches, and hooks. It is satisfying to me to see others making skillful use of the tools I have made. Tool making itself satisfies a need I have to keep my hands moving. I like the focus it provides.” -Shanna Leino


Shanna Leino – Frankfort, MI
Shanna is a studio artist with a fascination for the many forms of the book. Born and raised in Harrisville, NH. Currently living in northern Michigan. She works in her shop, manufactures a small line of hand tools for bookbinders and craftspeople and travel throughout the U.S. and occasionally Italy teaching book and toolmaking workshops.