Curvy Cup


RRonan Peterson
Curvy Cup
Red earthenware
5.125H x 3.5W x 3.5D inches
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Artist Info

Chapel Hill, NC

CLAY | Functional and decorative vessels

Penland Affiliation | Penland Instructor 2011, 2014, 2016, 2018, Penland Core Fellow 2000-2002

Artist Information | Studio artist; education: BA University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill (NC); teaching: Penland, The Clay Lady Campus (TN), The Potters Exchange (PA), Sierra Nevada College (NV); exhibitions: Spruce Pine Potters Market Invitational (NC), The Kiln Gallery (AL), Hamilton Williams Gallery (NC), ClayAKAR (IA).

Artist Statement | I am dealing with the effects of agents of growth and decay and how these agents shape and embellish the surfaces of stones and the skins of trees. These agents also serve key roles in interacting with my ceramic vessels. Mushrooms, seed pods, grubs and other growths serve as knobs and handles, allowing one to remove lids and discover what might be inside or underneath a covered vessel, like lifting a rock to have insects scurry in many different directions when subjected to the light of day. The vessels are not intended to be actual representations of the trees and rocks, but abstractions and stylizations of these natural phenomena. Employing an earthy background palette stretched across textured but quieter surfaces, I wanted to upset that quiet earthiness with intense splashes of vibrant color, patterns, and glossy surfaces not commonly associated with tree bark or the rough surfaces of rocks amidst fallen leaves. I am interested in inflated volume and thick line qualities that reference comic style drawings and how that can apply to interpreting the natural world. With my ceramic vessels I hope to create a comic book interpretation of the natural world with a focus on the rocks and trees and their role in the perpetual organic comedy of growth and decay.

Technical Information | Earthenware, slip trailing