Scalloped + Faceted Earrings


Raissa Bump
Scalloped + Faceted Earrings
Large criss cross posts, oxidized sterling silver
1.25H x 1.15W inches
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“Spending time by myself creating has always been what I retreat to. I could never say that it happened in a conscious way to make jewelry, but some undeniable, unexplainable force must have a plan for me because one of my treasured items is a necklace I made around the age of seven, I made and sold intricately woven beaded necklaces in high school and I did decide to go to Rhode Island School of Design to pursue metalworking (and stuck to it even though it was not until years after college that I created something in metal that I felt like my spirit was in it.) I don’t know that I have a choice over the matter. And yet I choose to do this every single day. I am dedicated, curious. I have a gravitational pull towards how humans express themselves. A voice–especially the non-verbal kind. How our inner world is expressed in an outward way-BEAUTY. Jewelry fits quite wonderfully into that. Feel its beauty, your beauty.

In my studio I try to keep the materials, chemicals and practices employed as low-impact and environmentally conscious as possible. I buy my metal from Hoover & Strong’s Harmony Line, which is 100% recycled. I use Citrus Pickle and biodegradable soaps. I reuse packaging materials and source materials that had a previous life instead of buying new. I also enjoy supporting local or US companies.” -Raissa Bump


Raissa Bump – San Francisco, CA
Raissa Bump is a multi-faceted studio artist – creating work in both metals and knitwear. Raissa spent several years of study in Florence, Italy before attending Rhode Island School of Design for her BFA degree in 2003. Her exhibition and production jewelry hints at a background that includes textiles, incorporating techniques meant for needle and thread into metal fabrications. Raissa balances her skills, producing work in both media, and teaching courses at Penland School (although not simultaneously) in both the textiles and metals studios several times.