Three Wrap Bangle


Paige Davis
Three Wrap Bangle | Hammered
Sterling silver
“1H inches
7.75 interior circumference”
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Artist Info

Burnsville, NC

MEDIA | Jewelry and sculpture

Penland Affiliation | Penland Core Fellow 1977-78, Penland Instructor 1987, 1990, 1996,
2000, 2010, 2015

Artist Information | Davis studied at Penland School of Craft and at the Maryland Institute of Art. She has been working full time as a studio artist since 1979 and has taught workshops throughout the country, including the University of North Carolina, Penland School of Craft (NC) and Haystack Mountain School of Crafts (ME). Her work is in private and public collections, including the Gallery of Art and Design at North Carolina State University.

Artist Statement | In terms of the work I forge, iron lends itself perfectly to this mixing. It is ancient in origin, holds enduring strength, and possesses the character to be sleek, fluid, and elegant. I love the process; the challenge of getting metal to do what I visualize, and using very basic tools.

Technical Information | Silver and gold jewelry, forged iron sculpture