Atlanta Drive Bowl


Matthew Hebert
Atlanta Drive Bowl
Wood, “flame sprayed” steel, patina, spray paint, and lacquer
2H x 23.5W x 23.5D inches
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Functional Abjects

With my latest body of work, Functional Abjects, I bring the outside in and the inside out, by overlaying the domestic space with the greater built-environment around us. With this work, I perform the surrealist trick of merging dissonant forms and surfaces into oddly functional objects. These first pieces in this new series take the lowly manhole cover as a source. These liminal objects, while being completely forgettable, often carry their own markers that serve to plant them firmly within a specific context. So, what does it do to uproot these dirty old things and take them from the street to make them a place for your precious objects? 

Stemming from an ongoing interest in generating new forms using technology, I have incorporated photogrammetry into my process. Photogrammetry is the creation of digital 3D meshes from multiple photographs of an object or environment. Once these meshes are created, I manipulate them in the computer and mill them from solid wood. After that, they are coated with steel, patinated, and sealed. They can be treated as a precious art object to be stared at, or used as a quotidian object to catch your citrus fruit or your spare change. -MH

Artist Info

Matthew Hebert
San Diego, CA

Matthew Hebert has been working under the studio name eleet warez since shortly after completing his undergraduate studies in the mid-90s. The name is borrowed from hacker culture and is suggestive of the technical sophistication, improvisational spirit, and freewheeling appropriation that is essential to his work. Matthew creates work that deals with technology and its effects on the domestic environment and our sense of space. His work takes recognizable forms and layers new forms of use and meaning onto them. Ultimately, the work generates new forms of interaction between the object, the environment, and the user.

Matthew Hebert’s work has been exhibited at venues including The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, The Berkeley Art Museum, The Milwaukee Art Museum, The Museum of Craft and Folk Art, San Francisco; The California Center for the Art, Escondido; The Chicago Cultural Center, and Core77 in New York. Additionally, Matthew is a member of the collaborative public art team, Unmanned Minerals, with Reno based poet Jared Stanley and Los Angeles based artist Gabie Strong.

Matthew received his Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley; and his Master of Fine Arts from California College of the Arts. He has taught at several schools including the University of Wisconsin – Madison, CalArts, and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He is currently Assistant Professor of Furniture at San Diego State University.