Covered Bowl


Marsha Owen
Covered Bowl
5.5H x 9W x 9D inches
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Raleigh, NC

CLAY | Functional stoneware and earthenware

Penland Affiliation | Penland Resident Artist 1984-1985, Penland Core Fellow 1981-1982

Artist Information | Studio artist; education: Florida State University (FL), Mississippi University for Women (MS), North Carolina State University (NC); Teaching; Penland School of Craft (NC), Exhibitions; Cedar Creek Gallery (NC), Grovewood Gallery (NC), Market House Craft Center (PA), Mint Museum (NC), Penland Gallery (NC), Green Hill Center for NC art (NC).

Artist Statement | Pottery is a constantly challenging craft. My goal is to meet that challenge while producing pots that work and are pleasing to the eye. The function is most important: it must do what it is supposed to do, and do it well. It is very satisfying to me when someone comments that they are still using a pot I made for them long ago. That means I have succeeded and that perhaps the profession I chose for myself over 30 years ago is the right one after all!

Being a potter is a job and, like any job, requires hard work and perseverance for which I am repaid with fulfillment as well as income.

Marsha’s pottery is oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe. Do not subject to direct stovetop heat or sudden extreme temperature changes – allow refrigerated pottery to come to room temperature before placing it in the oven.

Technical Information | Wheel-thrown salt-fired stoneware and earthenware. Food safe.