Vase | Fire Breathing Horse


Lynne Hobaica
Vase | Fire Breathing Horse
12.5 H x 10.5W x 7.75D inches
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“My work is fueled by thoughts on how our awareness of death propels how we live. Reflecting on the dynamic of building, maintaining, and ending relationships. I am inspired by the stories we build throughout our lives and that we will be remembered by. Whether it be run-of-the-mill mistakes (which for a moment feel like they might end the world), working against distance and time to hold relationships together, or the joyful awkwardness of exploring new relationships. With every new person you let into your life, somehow you become a new person.
My hope is to communicate some of the intricate complexities of life through humor and empathy. I reveal characters that are inspired by mythologies and fairytales, and give them an emotion or gesture that you might connect with; perhaps you recognize an old friend, a past lover or yourself. It is through these connections and more that I am inspired to make the work that I make, ultimately to share my own stories, and the stories that others have generously shared with me.” – Lynne Hobaica

Artist Info

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Lynne Hobaica received her BFA from Syracuse University in History of Art and Ceramics. After a couple years of traveling and working in various studios, she moved to Austria to be a nanny for a year during which was provided with a ceramics studio to work in. When the little one went off to kindergarten, the nanny gig ended and Lynne stayed in Austria to get her MFA in Conceptual Ceramic Sculpture at the University of Art and Design in Linz. After having lived and traveled to 9 cities in a 5-year span, Lynne observed how relationships evolve and grow through distance and time, which along with emotional communications became huge inspiration to her work. Lynne has exhibited and done residencies throughout the US and internationally, has interned at museums, and worked in galleries. She currently lives in Bakersville, NC where she shares a home and studio with her darling, Rickie Barnett.