Shaker Rolling Pin


Luke Voytas
Shaker Rolling Pin
Walnut, cherry, maple
23.25L x 2.25W x 2.25D inches
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Luke Voytas – Kempton, PA
Beginning at a young age, Luke Voytas had an interest in woodworking and building. As a toddler, he carried around a plastic hammer which led to his first word, “Bang!”. After attending Alfred University where he studied Sculpture and Woodworking, Luke spent three years designing and constructing Timber Frame buildings as well as cabinets. At this time, he also served as the Foundry Technician at The National Casting Center at Alfred University. He began work as the Wood ShopTechnician and Adjunct Woodworking Instructor at Alfred University in 2015. He currently is the Wood Shop Technician and Artist Instructor at the GoggleWorks Center for the Arts in Reading, PA. Luke sells his handmade wooden items for the kitchen and home at craft fairs and stores throughout the region and online from his website,