Pyramid Box


Lisa Pedolsky
Pyramid Box
Slab constructed earthenware, multiple glazes
5H x 4.25W x 4.25D inches
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My slab constructed ceramics are made of terra cotta, a red earthenware clay. Initially a piece is conceived as a two dimensional drawing followed by the creation of pattern pieces – deconstructed versions of the ultimate three dimensional form – which are attached to the clay slab. Package design and dressmaking techniques come into play as the piece is brought to life by cutting, folding, darting and connecting. Visual and tactile depth is developed through the application of multiple layers of clay, slips, stains and glazes, and by scraping, incising and carving into the surface. The work is twice fired in an electric kiln.

Limit prolonged exposure to high acid and highly pigmented foods that can affect glazed surfaces by using my ceramics for food service but not storage. The can accommodate hot and cold foods but should not be used in the microwave, oven, or on a stovetop. To preserve their life and beauty, hand washing is recommended.

Artist Info

Lisa Pedolsky – Durango, CO
Artist Biography | Lisa Pedolsky is a studio artist working predominantly in ceramics. Originally from New York, Pedolsky moved to California in 1972 where she pursued her formal art education. She studied ceramics and fine art at California College of the Arts, Oakland (then California College of Arts And Crafts) and at U.C. Berkeley, where she received her BA in Art in 1977.

Her work has been featured in numerous publications including Lark Books’ 500 Vases, Studio Potter, Pottery Making Illustrated, and Ceramics Monthly. In 2013 she was awarded NCECA’s International Residency Partnership in Chile where she was artist in residence at Centro de Arte Curaumilla. Pedolsky teaches workshops and presents lectures at colleges and art centers nationwide. Her work appears in exhibitions and galleries across the country.