Bird Stick Pin


Kari + Marc Petrovic
Bird Stick Pin
Glass, stainless steel
2.25H x 3.5W x .1875D in.
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“Our earrings are made with non-allergenic sterling silver wire. Neck pieces hang from a relaxed wire encased in 2ml neoprene sleeve, specifically manufactured for the jewelry industry. The inner wire allows the piece to hang with both body and an elegant drape. Finished with a lockling stainless steel magnetic catch, pendants are available in several lengths. The glass averages 5cm and can scale to suit the length. Each piece is unique. Tablets are first fused from the murini shown above and then cut into individual shapes. Each piece is extensively ground and then polished to a silky smooth, low luster finish.” -Marc Petrovic and Kari Russell-Pool

Artist Info

Birds in the Hand Jewelry
Marc Petrovic and Kari Russell-Pool – Cleveland, OH

We are Marc Petrovic and Kari Russell-Pool—internationally recognized artists who have been working in glass for over 20 years. Married, we share a studio in Cleveland, OH with our dog Hank. For nearly two decades Marc has employed bird imagery as a metaphor for identity and relationships. In his Avian Series, birds are reduced to their pixelations; they are built, much like we are, one piece or experience at a time. Kari takes the unused pixels and transforms them into elegant focused studies of plumage for personal adornment. We formed Birds in the Hand Jewelry to repurpose Marc’s leftover glass and playfully reexamine the relationships of the patterns and textures.