Ethos III


Jim Waters
Ethos III
Encaustic painting, cold wax on panel
33H x 24.5W
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“I’ve been working in the ancient technique of encaustic for a few years now, having come to the medium through painting and sculpture. I became seduced by the luminous and tactile qualities of the wax that reveal the underlying or inner beauty of colors and forms. I set up a painting with many layers of colored wax, then selectively remove areas to essentially paint by subtracting and incising to reveal what lies beneath the layers. Metaphorically, my work is about what is found beneath the surface of our human emotions and our natural world. Cutting away the wax turns a two-dimensional painting into a three-dimensional sculpture and illuminates the surprising beauty of the hidden revealed.” -Jim Waters


Jim Waters – Micaville, NC
Jim received his BFA in 1970 and his Masters in Education in 1978 from the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater.