Butterfly Book: Swallowtail


Erin Keane
Butterfly Book: Swallowtail
Fallen wings, encaustic beeswax
5H x 3W x 1D in.
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Each butterfly book is unique and may have slight variation in the butterfly wings.


Asheville, NC

BOOKS | Encaustic books and mixed media paintings

Penland Affiliation | Penland Instructor 2017

Artist Information | Studio artist; education: MA Miami University, BS Miami University; teaching: Penland (NC), 310 ART (NC), Arrowmont (TN), John C Campbell Folk School (NC); exhibitions: Museum of Encaustic Art (NM), Folk Art Center (NC), Asheville BookWorks (NC), Southern Highland Craft Guild Exhibit: Appalachian Regional Commission (Washington DC), Dumas Bay Centre (WA), The Gallery at Flat Rock (NC), The Paper Mouse Atelier (MA).

Artist Bio | Erin lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC, and works daily at her home studio near Pisgah National Forest. She is a member of Southern Highland Craft Guild and her art is represented by 310 ART in the River Arts District of Asheville, NC, The Gallery at Flat Rock in Flat Rock, NC, Penland Gallery in Penland, NC, and The Bascom in Highlands, NC.

Artist Statement | Erin Keane is an artist working primarily with photography and encaustic beeswax. Her camera is a tool to gather the colors and textures of daily life. When she takes photographs, even highly abstracted ones, they hold powerful memories of when, where, and why, and from that emerges a symbolic self portrait. She is especially interested in the elasticity of light as it dances around reflection, shadow, and motion.

For years encaustic and bookbinding were separate entities in her creative life, the art and the craft, the experimental and the meditative, and she craved convergence. Her encaustic journals are designed to honor books as an art form.

Technical Information | Please handle the encaustic books with care and hold by edges, to keep the wax free of fingerprints. Upon purchase, please wrap them in wax paper or glassine before adding packaging, as the wax paper of glassine will protect the encaustic beeswax surface.