Virginia Groundcherry


Erica Schuetz
Virginia Groundcherry
Watercolor on paper, framed
20.75H x 16.25W x 1D inches
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Artist Info

Washington, DC

Penland Affiliation | Penland Core Fellow 2019-2021

Artist Information | Erica Schuetz grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and received her BA in English at St. Mary\’s College of Maryland. Before moving to Penland, she lived in Washington, D.C. for a decade, working as an adult educator in a social services organization serving immigrants. Still passionate about social service work but feeling a strong pull to hone her creative practice, Erica moved to Penland in 2019 to participate in the Core fellowship. Fascinated by nature, language, and the minds and behavior of human beings and other animals, Erica works in wood, textiles, and 2D media to create playful, tactile objects. Going forward, she hopes to discover ways to merge her artistic practice with her commitment to working for social justice.