Single Link Earrings | Aquamarine


Elizabeth Ann Tokoly
Single Link Earrings with Stone
Sterling silver, milky aquamarine
1.25H x .375W x .125D inches
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Artist Info

Jersey City, NJ

METALS | Jewelry

Penland Affiliation | Penland student 1999

Artist Information | Studio artist; education: MFA Metals, Cranbrook Academy of Art (MI), BFA Metals, University of the Arts (PA), AA Jewelry Design, Fashion Institute of Technology (NY); teaching: Visual Arts Center (NJ), Art School at Old Church (NJ), 92nd Street Y (NY), EAtMetal Art Jewelry Gallery and Metals Studio, (NJ); exhibitions: Holiday Fine Arts Festival (NJ), One of a Kind Chicago (NJ), Craft Fair Reimagined, Peters Valley (NJ), Touchstone Center for the Crafts (MD), Snow Farm New England Craft (MA)

Artist Statement | Nature’s geometry, symmetry, simplicity ….these are the things that inspire me.

Technical Information | Fabricated silver and gold, semi and precious stones

Care | Your jewelry can easily get dirty through everyday wear and exposure to products like shampoo, sunscreen, and soap residue. Avoid contact with harsh household chemicals like hairspray and chlorine, these are not a diamond’s friend. Regular cleanings with a mild liquid soap and warm water do the trick. A toothbrush can also be used. We do not recommend ultrasonic cleaners or jewelry cleaning solutions. Please consult with ELizabeth if you have any questions regarding care or cleaning of your jewelry. Certain chemicals and techniques may damage your jewelry.

Sterling Silver: Use Wrights silver cleaner to clean tarnish from fine art jewelry. Wright\’s is gentle and has been cleaning silver since 1909. Wearing silver frequently can also help prevent tarnish from the oils in your skin. Silver can tarnish due to climate and other variables.

Solid Gold, Platinum and Palladium : Use a mild dish soap and warm water with a soft tooth brush can clean your fine art jewelry. You can gently polish by hand with a clean cloth or use an ultrasonic cleaner if available.