Parallel No. 5


Eleanor Annand
Parallel No. 5
Acrylic paint, wood panel (unframed display, ready to hang)
8H x 8W X 2D
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“In my work, I bring a sensitivity to materials, form, and composition as a means for exploring the human condition. Seeking to create a sense of tension and equilibrium, I utilize intuitive and analytical processes that push and pull off of one another. Paintings become frenetic histories of raw emotions, sculptures capture and suspend moments in time, modular compositions are constructed and deconstructed to mimic our constant state of flux. There is a meditation to all of it.

Unbound to one medium, I shift ideas from painting and printmaking into sculpture, installation, and video. This approach allows me to respond to form and material from multiple vantage points and encourages me to work energetically and untethered to expectation.” -Eleanor Annand

Artist Info

Eleanor Annand – Weaverville, NC
Eleanor Annand grew up on the southern coast of North Carolina, near the mouth of the Cape Fear River. In 2003 she received her Bachelors of Graphic Design from North Carolina State University, where she concentrated her studies on typography and letterpress. After a range of design and letterpress experience, from IBM to Yee-Haw Industries, she landed in the Core Fellowship program at Penland School of Craft. While in the Core Fellowship, Eleanor investigated printed, drawn, carved, and painted lines on paper, metal, and enamel. In 2012 she relocated to Asheville, NC, where she was co-founder and creative director of 7 Ton Design and Letterpress Company. In the Fall of 2017 she returned to Penland School of Craft as a resident artist. As a resident she spent 3 years exploring the sculptural potential of paper by creating folded paper forms, cast paper, and cardboard installations. In 2020 she relocated her studio to Asheville, NC. Eleanor’s current work centers on the intersection of art and design. Using meditative processes as a catalyst for calming compositions, her work evokes a soothing visceral response. Over the past 10 years her work has been shown regionally, nationally, and internationally.