Token Earrings


Cat Bates
Token Earrings
Sterling silver
.375H x .25W x .1875D in.
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“My eyes follow the straight shot of a steel ladder, bolted directly to the granite piling blocks of the wharf. Above the tide line the metal is galvanized a dull grey, but as the rails extend downward this is quickly overtaken by rust. First in color then cragged texture as well. Beneath the waters surface the ladder extends further, seeming to sway, its human geometry untethered by tricks of the light passing through the gentle waves.
. . . . . .
It’s chilly but clear outside. I bicycle across town, out Washington Ave., & over the causeway to Mackworth Island. Crouched on a small boulder I reach down into the water, watch my hand so pale & abstracted beneath the rippling surface, feel the tooth of the sand and the tumbling of pebbles as I trace my fingertips along the bottom. ” -Cat Bates

Artist Info

Cat Bates – Portland, ME
Jewelry designer Cat Bates is best known for his use of metal casting and sailor knotting to create unisex designs which exemplify durability, ease of wear, and understated beauty. By working almost exclusively in multiples, utilizing industrial manufacturing services, and celebrating tool marks as elements of design, he strikes a rare balance between artistry & economic accessibility. Cat is represented by boutiques across the United States & collected internationally.