Red Mosaic Earrings


Audrey Peck
Red Mosaic Earrings
Wood, sterling silver
1.5H x .75W x .125D inches (including earwire)
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“My work explores my relationship with nature as well as the places in which nature and the man-made world overlap. The imagery in my work comes from my own personal experiences in nature. My childhood was filled with time spent playing outside and camping with my family, which cultivated a reverence for the natural world and its importance in our lives. As an adult I find myself spending less time outdoors, an experience that is essential to my well-being. So, when I do go out and enjoy being outside, I collect mementos to carry a piece of that experience with me, some of which make it into my work as a reflection of my surroundings.” – Audrey Peck

Artist Info

Audrey Peck – St. Louis, MO
Audrey Peck grew up in Oklahoma. She recently completed her MFA from East Carolina University in Greenville, NC. She completed her BFA at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma in 2004.