Don’t Hate Spatula


Anna Koplik
Don’t Hate Spatula
Forged and filed steel with vegetable oil finish
16.875H x 3.25W x 1D inches
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Meet the Penland Gallery Artist: Anna Koplik

Q: Where do you live and operate a studio?
A: I live and work for most of the year in New Jersey at Peters Valley School of Craft as the Blacksmithing Artist Fellow, where I get to use the blacksmith shop for my own work as well. During the off-season, I travel and work at other blacksmith shops around the country doing architectural blacksmith work.

Q: How long have you been a full-time artist?
A: I’ve been working as a blacksmith for 7 years.

Q: What is your favorite object or piece to make?
A: It’s a tie between spoons and blacksmith tongs.

Q: How has your work changed over time?
A: When I first started forging, I was repeating other people’s work, processes, and forging styles as I learned. Over time I’ve developed my own style within my utensil and tool-making.

Q: Why did you decide to become an artist? Was there a defining moment in your life when you knew you were an artist?
A: I’ve always known I wanted to be making art, but it took a while to decide I wanted to be an artist. My most defining moment was when I was in college and decided to switch my major from art education to jewelry, officially giving up a more certain career path for a more ambiguous and unknown future as an artist.

Q: What other artists do you admire?
A: Seth Gould, Pete Braspennix, Elizabeth Brim, and Maegan Crowley.

Q: Of all the tools in your studio, which one is your favorite?
A: The folding metal Lufkin ruler given to me by Jake Brown at the end of my first blacksmith job as his shop assistant.

Q: What are your ideal working conditions?
A: Being by myself in the shop and dancing along to music while I forge.

Q: What’s the best creative advice you’ve ever received?
A: To just make work, just start forging. Gotta burn shit to learn shit.

Q: Is there a technique or skill that is unique to your work? (for example, do you dig your own clay, use a historical process, etc.)
A: I make most of my utensil work from scrap bits of steel I find laying around the shop and my design is often inspired or influenced by those limitations.


Artist Info

Layton, NJ

IRON | Tools and utensils

Penland Affiliation | Penland Instructor 2022

Artist Information | Studio artist; education: BFA Pratt Institute (NY); teaching: Penland School of Craft (NC), Peters Valley School of Craft (NJ), Touchstone (PA), Haystack (ME), Center for Metal Arts (PA), Brookfield (CT), She-Weld (NY), Dragon’s Breath Forge (CT)

Artist Bio | Anna R. Koplik graduated from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY with a BFA in Jewelry and has worked as a blacksmith at Peters Valley School of Craft, Atlas Forge, Touchstone Center for Crafts, Spirit Ironworks, Center for Metal Arts, Davis Metalsmiths, Caleb Kullman Studio, and MDO Welding and Fabrication. She often travels, working as a journeyman architectural smith, teaching blacksmithing workshops, and camping and hiking whenever possible.

Anna is currently the Blacksmithing Artist Fellow at Peters Valley in New Jersey. She has a passion for educating and showing beginner smiths the many possibilities blacksmithing offers. Her personal work focuses mainly on tool and utensil making and combining functionality with a refined, delicate aesthetic.

Technical Info | Hand wash with a soft sponge or cloth, hot water and/or mild soap. Do not scrub or wash in a dishwasher. Dry right away after washing to avoid rusting. Wipe down with vegetable oil as needed. If rust forms, gently remove it with steel wool and wipe it down with vegetable oil.