time & place for considering optimism & sunlight


Alyssa Salomon
time & place for considering optimism & sunlight
Cyanotype on abaca/kozo paper
25H x 38W in., unframed
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“This cyanotype is a one-of-a-kind improvisation; made by placing a sheet of prepared paper under a giant negative, out of doors, subject to sunlight and shadow. During 8 to 20 minute exposures, everything moves: sun travels west, tree shadows flutter, wind rustles negative, I slide paper for double and triple exposures. My light-sensitive paper records the shapes of light energy passing through a hovering negative in a vibrating world.

Although sketched and planned earlier, this series of images, “time & place for considering optimism & sunlight”, substantively took form during isolation of pandemic lock down, and became, for me, a meditation in the purpose of optimism and the tools of my craft.” – Alyssa Salomon

Artist Info

Alyssa Salomon – Richmond, VA
Alyssa C. Salomon is an artist committed to producing beauty and joy in the face of roiling contemporary upheavals. Alyssa utilizes photography and printmaking, on paper and on fabric; exploits opportunities inherent within her processes and materials; and prioritizes in-person audience experience. Alyssa regularly returns to the lyrics of Irving Berlin’s 1926 song “Blue Skies” in combination with cyanotype photographic mono-printing for its delightful visual onomatopoeia and its shameless, self-aware optimism.

Blue Skies Workroom came about in 2015 when artist Alyssa Salomon wanted to offer well-considered, hand-printed home textiles to friends and neighbors to use, enjoy and give. Blue Skies Workroom now designs and produces tote bags, zippered pouches, aprons, napkins, tea towels, artist books, journals and cards.
Alyssa has always loved working with cloth and paper. Her grandfather was a tailor in Brooklyn NY and allowed her to touch voluptuous, luminous bolts of woven wool. As a small girl, Alyssa learned to sew from her mother, and as an established artist, Alyssa learned to screen print during a faculty retreat at Penland School of Crafts. Her favorite color is still fluorescent.