Scholarship Students

Scholarship Students

This page has links to folders containing the reflections and photographs collected from the recipients of these named scholarships.

3 Wings Scholarship Fund

Janet Taylor Acosta Memorial Scholarship Fund

Milton Adelman HOLA (Heart of Los Angeles) Scholarship

Samuel A. Almon Scholarship

Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass Visionary Scholarship

Lynn Kerr Azzam Memorial Scholarship

Meta Lou Quattlebaum Bailey Scholarship

Milton Baxt Scholarship

Rick and Val Beck Scholarship

Dr. Jerrold Belitz Scholarship

Richard Herman Bemberg Scholarship

Benisch-Allen Scholarship

Abby Watkins Bernon Scholarship

Alex Gabriel Bernstein Scholarship

Larry Brady and Edward Jones Scholarship

Carey G. Bringle, Jr. Scholarship

Cynthia Bringle and Edwina Bringle Scholarship

Bringle Outstanding Artist Educators Scholarship

Ethel S. Brody Scholarship

Phyllis Carson Scholarship

Orville and Pat Chatt Memorial Scholarship

Collins, Evans, Massey Scholarship

Cramazing Creative Scholarship

Creative Life Scholarship

Cushman/Clemons Scholarship

Dana Foundation Glass Scholarships

Lenore Davis and Bill Helwig Scholarship Fund

Paul H. and Ginger S. Duensing Scholarship

Theresa DuPre Scholarship

East Meets West Metals Scholarships

Eastern North Carolina Scholarship

Equitable Opportunities in Craft Scholarships

Bettie Ann Whitehurst Everett Scholarship

A.J. Fletcher Foundation Scholarships

Future of Craft Scholarship

Glass/Apple Scholarship

John Glick Scholarship

Carol Gorelick Scholarship

Jane M. Hatcher Scholarship

Liz Hanson Scholarship

HBCU Student Scholarships

HBCU Faculty Scholarships

Higher Education Partnership Program Scholarships

Dorothy Hines Scholarship

HOLA (Heart of Los Angeles) Scholarships

Horn Scholarships

Huntley-Tidwell Scholarship

Johnson Legacy Fund for Art Scholarship

Tom and Asa Johnson Scholarship

Mickey Johnston Scholarship

Daniel B. Jordan Scholarship

Bobby Kadis Scholarship

Deena Kaplan Scholarship

Christopher Kent Scholarship

Stoney Lamar Scholarship

Marianne and Carl Larson Scholarship

Peter Larson Scholarship

Lasater Drawing and Painting Scholarships

LeBlanc Scholarship

John and Ione Lee Scholarship

Janet Link Meredith College Scholarship

Harvey and Bess Littleton Scholarship

Louisiana State University Scholarship

Marcia Macdonald Scholarship

David Marshall Scholarship

Ann Skipper McAden Scholarship

Jean McLaughlin and Tom Spleth Scholarship

Kent McLaughlin Scholarship

Medford Family Photography Scholarship

Ron and Sue Meier Scholarship

Mendes Family Scholarship

Mitchell High School Scholarship

Lucy C. Morgan Scholarships

John Neff Memorial Scholarship

David and Pat Nevin Scholarship

Novak Perkins Scholarship

Betty Oliver Scholarship

O’Halloran Family Foundation Scholarship

I.A. O’Shaughnessy Foundation Scholarships

Jane Peiser Scholarship

Mark Peiser Scholarship

Penland Clay Scholarship

Penland Flameworking Scholarship

Penland Metals Scholarship

Penland Board of Trustees Scholarship for a Person of Color

Penland Directors Scholarship for a Person of Color

Penland Staff Scholarship for a Person of Color

Penland Vision Scholarship

Mary Calhoun Phelps and Mary Schnelly Scholarship

Samuel and Jewel Phillips Craft Study Scholarship

Michael Pierschalla Scholarship

David Rayfield Scholarship

Jane Sibley Renfroe Scholarship

Richard Ritter Scholarship

Betsy and Marc Rowland Scholarship

Tommie Rush and Richard Jolley Scholarship

Russell Scholarship

Lynda Frank Sanders Scholarship

Sawtooth School for Visual Arts Faculty Scholarship

School Teachers Scholarship

Norm and Gloria Schulman Scholarship

Mary Ann Scherr Scholarship

Doug Sigler Scholarship

Steele-Reese Scholarship

Jo L. Stribling Scholarship

Anthony Swider Art Education Award

Lenore G. Tawney Scholarship

Teacher Training Scholarship

Texas Star Scholarship

Sarah Everett Toy Memorial Scholarship

Anne Rosner Upchurch Memorial Scholarship

Windgate Scholarships

Julia R. Woodman Scholarship

Joseph M. Wright Memorial Scholarship

Christy Wright Endowment for Glass Art

Zimmerman Woodworking Scholarship


And special thanks to these donors whose generous annual gifts support Penland’s scholarship program:

Jim Hackney and Scott Haight, Susan and Michael Hershfield, 
Mary Lynn, Robert and Karen Milnes, Doris Prouty Foundation