Resident Artist Program FAQ-old

Penland Resident Artist Program Frequently Asked Questions

When is the application deadline?
The application deadline is 11:59 PM EST January 15, 2020. We will be accepting applications for 4 spots (no glass).

When will applicants be notified of their status?
Applicants will be notified of their status by March 15th (two months after the application deadline).

When is the start date?
The residency begins September 21th (8 months after the application deadline).

When is the end date?
Residents must vacate their studio by August 15th (2 years and 11 months after the start of their residency).

Do you accept international applicants?
We will accept international applicants, but if accepted it is their responsibility to acquire the proper visa to be in the United States for three years.

Do I have to have been to Penland or taken classes there in order to apply?
The experience of living at Penland is shaped in many ways by its rural location, its mountainous terrain, and by the age and nature of the facility. A successful residency depends in part on expectations consistent with what Penland has to offer. For this reason, most resident artists have previously spent time at Penland as students, studio assistants, studio coordinators, visiting artists, or instructors. Applicants with no prior connection to the school are strongly encouraged to visit or to take a class before applying for the program.

What kind of applicants are you looking for?
The program welcomes self-motivated, focused individuals working in traditional and nontraditional studio crafts. The primary basis for selection is the strength and quality of the applicants’ work. Residents must also have a clear objective for the time of their residency and be willing to live and work as part of a close-knit community.

Are the studios furnished?
The studios are not furnished and will be empty when residents arrive. Residents are responsible for outfitting their studios with equipment. Penland will make sure studios have sufficient power and ventilation. Residents will be contacted after acceptance to ascertain these needs.

Do I have to pay rent for my studio/housing? Do I have to pay utilities?
The current base rental rate for Penland resident artists is $175 per month for unfurnished housing and studio space. With considerable seasonal variation, utilities costs per resident for studio and housing currently average about $200 per month.

Can I have a studio assistant?
You can have someone assist you with your work in your studio, but they cannot use the space to create their own work. We cannot provide them with housing, and any payment offered to an assistant is the responsibility of the resident artist.

Can I use campus studios?
Residents are expected to work in their studios at the Barns except when taking a Penland class or participating in our short-term Winter Residency program. Use of the school studios and equipment is occasionally permitted and limited to short-term use of equipment they do not have in their own studio, or access to equipment or facilities vital to the realization of a special project.

Can I apply with a collaborator?
We accept applications from collaborating partners who will share a studio and housing. Please keep in mind that if you are applying as collaborators, you must apply together and your application will be reviewed as one. Your portfolio can include images of collaborative work as well as individual work from each artist.

Can I leave for prolonged periods of time to teach, work, or pursue other opportunities? Can I have a full time job while being a resident?
The primary expectation of resident artists is that they engage intently with their work. They are also expected to have an open door policy, welcoming students, instructors, and the public to their studios, both informally and formally through the resident open house that is part of each Penland session. For these reasons, we ask that resident artists not be absent from their studios for more than a few weeks at a time, especially during the summer. We expect that residents will dedicate the majority of their time at Penland to their studio work. Residents are encouraged to teach short workshops, participate in exhibitions, and take advantage of travel opportunities that will benefit personal and professional growth. Lengthy absences of more than a few weeks (i.e. semester-long teaching assignments) or repeated absences detract from the program and studio focus. Residents who are presented with an extraordinary opportunity which will cause an absence of more than a few weeks should discuss this with the program director.

Can I take/teach classes?
Resident Artists are invited to take one summer class during their residency, pre-lottery, tuition and meals free. In addition, as a special benefit for resident artists, the school will provide them with one class per summer for no charge if the class is not filled one week before the class starts. Other classes may be taken at the regular day-student rate or as part of Penland’s local stand-by program.

Resident artists are sometimes invited to teach, but it is not guaranteed.

What is housing like?
There are two types of housing:

Barns Apartments: These three apartments are three levels and located across the driveway from the Barns Studios. The middle level of each unit has a bathroom and open floor plan kitchen and living area. There is a shared covered porch off of this level. The upper and lower levels are connected by stairs and both can be used as a bedroom, office, storage, etc.

Wyatt Apartments: These four efficiency apartments are one level. They have one bedroom, one bathroom, and an open floor plan kitchen and living area. They share an outdoor area and are clustered in two sets of two. There is one accessible unit with parking.

The type of apartment you are assigned depends on the year you are accepted into the program.

Is housing available for my family?
Partners, spouses, and children are allowed to share your housing. If you have a large family and have questions about resident housing accommodating your family, these will be addressed if you are accepted into the program.

Is the housing furnished?
Housing is not furnished, but does include a refrigerator and oven. Residents are responsible for furnishing their own housing.

Do you allow pets?
Pets are permitted with prior approval in resident housing; any resident wishing to bring or acquire a pet must discuss this with the program director and read the school’s pet policy once accepted. Chickens and livestock are not allowed.

Are meals provided?
Resident Artists and their partners/spouses/children are welcome to eat two meals a day in the school dining hall when classes are in session (March – April, June – August, mid-September – mid-November).