Core Profiles

Core Fellowship Alumni Profiles

Want to know a thing or two about Penland’s former core ctudents? Click on the names below.

Benares Angeley (2000-2002)

Christina Boy (2008-2010)

Jason Bige Burnett (2009-2011)

Critz Campbell (1994-1996)

Marianne Dages (2008-2010)

Courtney Dodd (2006-2008)

Dana Fehsenfeld (2007-2009)

Aran Galligan (2006-2008)

Andrew Hayes (2007-2009)

Ian Henderson (2010-2012)

Joshua Kuensting (2008-2010)

Sarah Loertscher (2005-2007)

Kreh Mellick (2007-2009)

Karen Newgard (1993-1995)

Leslie Noell (1994-1996)

Wes Stitt (2008-2010)

Amanda Thatch (2010-2012)

Mark Warren (2009-2011)

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