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Print & Letterpress X Summer Session 1

Print & Letterpress Summer Session 1
May 23 – June 3, 2021
Althea Murphy-Price
Photo Lithography: The Captured Image

Photo lithography is a process by which images are photographically transferred to an aluminum plate and printed by hand. While its first uses were commercial, today it is a widely used approach for printmaking with the ability to translate photographic images. This workshop will explore many versatile approaches to photo lithography. We’ll learn to execute a photo lithograph using drawing, photography, and experimental approaches. This is a workshop for creators who love to draw, work photographically, or are looking for new approaches to image-making using found objects and textures. We’ll also cover multiple-layer color printing. All levels. Print studio.

Studio artist and associate professor at University of Tennessee-Knoxville; residencies: Sanbao Institute (China), Brandywine Workshop (PA), Venice Printmaking Studio (Italy); exhibitions: Halsey Institute (SC), Vanderbilt University (Nashville), Knoxville Museum of Art (TN), Huntsville Museum of Art (AL).

print of two pigtails elaborately braided and tied with colorful bows
Althea Murphy-Price, "More Please," photo lithography, collage, screenprint, 30 x 22 inches