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Print & Letterpress L Summer Session 7

Letterpress Summer Session 7
August 25-31, 2019
Scott Moore
Letterpress Wood Type Production

This workshop will give students a rare opportunity to use historic pantographs to make wood type from a collection of provided patterns and to create new wood type patterns of their own. We’ll also explore ways of making letterpress type using modern methods. End-grain and side-grain maple will be available. Students will use Penland’s letterpress equipment to proof their work and produce prints from their new type and graphic shapes. Basic woodworking, graphic design, and/or letterpress skills will be helpful, but this workshop is open to all levels. Code 07L

Retired teacher of industrial arts; one of four people in the world producing new wood type for letterpress printers, lecturer on wood type history.

Scott Moore, "Morgan Wilcox #7 Ampersand," end-grain polished hard maple