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Photography Summer Session 7

AUGUST 13–18, 2023
Karen Navarro
Pushing the Boundaries of Collage

This workshop will introduce materials and techniques to push the boundaries of traditional collage. We’ll investigate the foundations of identity through portraiture collages. Students may work with their own archive or found images. The workshop will cover cut-and-paste techniques, digital manipulation and printing, painterly processes, and image appropriation. Materials will be provided, and students are also encouraged to bring their own collections of ephemera: photographs, magazines, wallpaper, cardboard, fabric scraps, etc. All levels. 

Studio artist; exhibitions: Contemporary Art Museum Houston (TX), Artpace San Antonio (TX), FAR Center for Contemporary Arts (IN), Big Medium (TX), Klompching Gallery (NY), Holocaust Museum Houston (TX), Houston Center for Photography (TX); representation: Foto Relevance (TX); publications: ARTnews, The Guardian, Observer, Rolling Stone Italia, Photo Vogue Festival Italia. | @karennavarroph