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Photography Summer Session 6

Photo Summer Session 6
August 9-21, 2020
Susan Bryant
Hand Coloring Black & White Prints

This workshop will explore the visual, creative, and expressive possibilities of color applied by hand to traditional black and white photographs. Responding to light, space, and atmosphere, we’ll document our personal reactions to the local environment and landscape. Back in the studio, we’ll make prints in the darkroom and experiment with toners, photo oils, and colored pencils to add visual and emotional depth to prints. The workshop will include instruction in camera functions, exposure and development of negatives, and making gelatin silver prints using enlargers. All levels. Code 06P

Studio artist, professor emerita at Austin Peay State University (TN); exhibitions: SoHo Photo Gallery (NYC), Jeffrey Leder Gallery (NYC), San Diego Art Institute; collections: Knoxville Museum of Art (TN), The Photographic Archives (KY).

panoramic image of a tiled courtyard surrounded by arches
Susan Bryant, "Cloister #2, Merida," gelatin silver print with hand-applied oil paint, oil pastel, and colored pencils, 9-1/2 x 21 inches