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Photography Summer Session 5-drawing page

Photo Summer Session 5
July 17–29
Miranda Javid
The Animated Drawing

In this workshop, students will develop drawing fundamentals and enliven their renderings by making them move! Instead of conventional motion tools like transparent cels and digital tablets, we’ll experiment with less controllable media–from charcoal to watercolor–while seeking to retain elements of texture, gesture, and observation. Students will focus on two animation techniques: one involves drawing frame by frame, and the other will shift lines on one sheet of paper using a “stop-motion” drawing process. In addition to drawing materials, we’ll work with scanners, digital cameras, and video software. Students will leave with their own moving imagery and the ability to create animations at home. No experience with animation or drawing required. All levels. This workshop will take place in the photography studio.

Studio artist, educator; Nancy Harrigan Prize from Baker Artist Fund, Kenan Fellowship, Sherman Fairchild Fellowship; residencies: Can Serrat (Barcelona), Grin City Collective (IA); screenings: Slam Dance (UT), Ann Arbor Film Festival (MI), San Francisco Independent Film Festival, Cutout Film Festival (Mexico City); exhibitions: Commune1 (South Africa), Vox Populi (Philadelphia). | @mirandajavid