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Photography Summer Session 4

Photo Summer Session 4
July 5-17, 2020
Elizabeth Ellenwood
Cameraless Photography

Leave your cameras behind and create photographs using only objects and light. Students in this workshop will experiment with multiple wet-darkroom contact printing processes, scanner images, and digital printing. We’ll cover the foundations of the darkroom and digital workspaces plus print manipulation using collage and other drawing/painting media. We’ll have daily demonstrations along with presentations covering a range of historical and contemporary photography. This workshop will broaden the concept of what it means to “make” a photograph and give students plenty of time for experimentation. All levels. Code 04P

Studio artist; teaching: University of Connecticut; RFOTOFOLIO Denis Roussel Merit Award; exhibitions: Vermont Center for Photography, Panopticon Gallery (MA), Danforth Museum (MA); collections: Danforth Museum, Rochester Museum of Fine Art (NY), New Hampshire Institute of Art.

deep blue cyanotype of a ripped ziplock bag
Elizabeth Ellenwood, "Sandwich Bag, Collected on December 3, 2018," archival pigment print from cyanotype original, 40 x 30 inches