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Photography Summer Session 3

Photo Summer Session 3
June 20 – July 1, 2021
Jim Stone 
View Camera Workshop

The view camera may seem daunting, but it is easily mastered. Its contemplative, methodical approach rewards users with photographs of the highest quality. We’ll learn to use the large-format camera, control focus and perspective, develop sheet film using a simplified zone system, make darkroom enlargements, and scan negatives for digital printing. This workshop is best for those comfortable with the rudiments of traditional black-and-white photography—exposure, film development, and printing—but it is open to all levels. Students may use one of Penland’s large-format cameras or bring their own.

Distinguished professor of photography at University of New Mexico; named Honored Educator by Society for Photographic Education; collections: Museum of Modern Art (NYC), Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, National Gallery of American Art (DC); six of his textbooks are in wide use including A User’s Guide to the View Camera.

photograph of a young man sitting on his bed next to shelves of toys
Jim Stone, "Jason, Who Wants a Career in Law Enforcement, and Some of His 1400 Transformers," Rio Rancho, New Mexico, archival pigment print, 20 x 24 inches