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Photography Summer Session 3

Photo Summer Session 3
June 21 – July 3, 2020
Richard Tuschman
The Poetic Photograph

As fine art photographers, how do we develop and strengthen our ability to craft personal, poetic photographs with compelling emotional resonance? This digital photography workshop will address that question as we explore the genres of still life, landscape, and figure/portrait photography. We’ll learn and practice the principles of composition, color, and both natural and studio lighting as we develop a “best practices” workflow from capture to print. Join us as we pursue our quest to become more effective emotional messengers through our photography. All levels. Code 03P

Studio artist; teaching: Ringling College of Art and Design (FL), Maine Media Workshops (ME), Los Angeles Center of Photography; New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship; exhibitions: Center for Photographic Art (CA), Museum of Contemporary Art Krakow (Poland); Photovisa (Russia); representation: Klompching Gallery (NYC), photo-eye Gallery (Santa Fe), Kopeikin Gallery (CA).

photograph of a woman in a red dress sitting on a bed with a man visible in the bathroom behind her
Richard Tuschman, "Pink Bedroom (Daydream)," archival pigment print, 21 x 31 inches