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Drawing & Painting Spring 2

Specials  Spring One-Week Session II
April 7-13, 2019
Alicia D. Keshishian
Chroma-Licious: Color Confidence

Color is everywhere, but how do we recreate colors? How do we incorporate color into our work? In this workshop we’ll explore color with a series of hands-on exercises to reveal not only the basics of color theory, but how each individual has a unique relationship with color. Color is important for any artist to harness because it’s the control of all the elements that establishes each person’s artistic voice. Once we break through some of the challenges of color mixing, we’ll do a series of design projects, applying your new-found knowledge to your medium. All levels. Code S02D

Studio artist, art director, and color consultant; owner and creative director of Carpets of Imagination with almost 40 years of textile, print, and illustration experience; Color Marketing Group board member; teaching: Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation (GA), Penland; former Penland resident artist.

Alicia D. Keshishian, "TIPIT," Tibetan wool and silk, 101/2 x 14 feet