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Online Demo David Clemons

Online Demo and Q&A
Materials available: February 6, 2021
Live Q&A: 1 PM ET, Saturday, February 13
David H. Clemons
Just a Shake: Pewter Salt Shaker

This prerecorded video demonstration will cover the fabrication of a pewter salt shaker with compression lines. The shaker will be made through simple forming and fabricating techniques in 16-gauge sheet pewter. Hydraulic-press compression will create decorative details in the form of the shaker. The techniques shown in this demonstration are welding, soldering, hydraulic-press compression, drilling, refill port and stopper construction, and surface texturing. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions during the live Q&A session with David on February 13.

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Fee: $45. Participants will receive a materials list, any handouts, and the prerecorded demonstration video ahead of the live Q&A session. They will have unlimited access to these materials until March 13 and can watch the demonstration as many times as they’d like during this period.

David using the hydralic press during his salt shaker demo
David using the hydralic press during his salt shaker demo