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Metals A Summer Session 1

Metals Summer Session 1
May 24 – June 5, 2020
Rachel Shimpock

This dive into electroformed copper plating will emphasize process, technique, and experimentation. We’ll begin by learning how to prepare your small items for the electroforming baths in the studio and then cover how to make and use a small home plating system. We’ll also make a pen plater and play with alternative plating solutions. Finally we’ll apply vitreous enamel to plated forms and learn a technique for “drawing” with plating metal and enamel. With proper preparation metallic, nonmetallic, and organic items can all be plated. Rachel’s book of secrets is open, and all levels are welcome! Note: This studio has stairs that compromise access; it is made partially accessible by a stair lift. Code 01MA

Associate professor at Long Beach City College (CA) and California State University Long Beach (CA); collections: Enamel Arts Foundation (Los Angeles); galleries: Mora (NC), Shibumi (San Francisco), Form & Concept (NM); publications: Food as Art by Carolyn Tillie, Metalsmith, Ornament.

electroformed piece of bread as a pendant
Rachel Shimpock, "Full Piece of Toast Necklace," toast, copper, enamel, brass, 4 x 4 inches