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Metals Fall Concentration

October 2 – November 11, 2022
Hiroko Yamada
Traditional Meets Contemporary: Jewelry and Metal

This workshop will focus on basic fabrication, forming, and texturing, including an introduction to Japanese surface decoration techniques such as zogan (inlay with wire, sheet metal, or foil), engraving, and patinas. As we progress, we’ll introduce mokume-gane, explore Japanese alloys such as shakudo and shibuichi, and make some of our own tools. We’ll also work with computer-aided design and 3D printing for lost-wax casting with stones in place. Fumiki Taguchi will join us as a virtual guest to teach Japanese chisel texturing. Students may make jewelry, other functional items, or small sculpture. All levels. Upper metals studio.

Studio artist and owner of HYART Gallery (WI); teaching: Madison College (WI), Haystack (ME), Arrowmont (TN), East Carolina University (NC), Kobe Design University (Japan), Kyoto Museum of Art (Japan); exhibitions: SOFA Chicago, Patina Gallery (NM), Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery (WA), Japan Traditional Art Metal Exhibition (Japan); exhibition director for “Tradition of Excellence: Japanese Techniques in Contemporary Metal Arts” at Penland Gallery and Metal Museum (TN) and “American Mokume-Gane Exhibition” (Japan). | @hyart_gallery

NOTE: This workshop takes place in a studio that has stairs that compromise access. It is made partially accessible by a stair lift.

Hiroko Yamada, Spirit, shakudo, copper, silver, shibuichi, Tahitian pearl
Hiroko Yamada, Spirit, shakudo, copper, silver, shibuichi, Tahitian pearl