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Metals B Summer Session 1

Metals Summer Session 1
May 24 – June 5, 2020
Nicole Jacquard
Make, Think, Discuss, Repeat

Creating work can be isolating, and approaching the bench can sometimes seem daunting. Students in this workshop will approach the studio fresh each day and be challenged to create a daily piece from particular prompts . We’ll combine idea generation, material studies, and technical demonstrations, plus short readings for inspiration and understanding the creative process. Challenges will be set every day, including starting points for exploration, demonstrations of basic techniques and mechanisms, and explorations of traditional and unusual materials. The goal is for students to think beyond the normal routine of working and explore the potential they have either forgotten or didn’t realize they had. All levels. Code 01MB

Associate professor and metals coordinator at Indiana University; two Fulbright Fellowships; ten solo exhibitions and over 100 invitational/juried exhibitions in US, Europe, Asia, and Australia.


enameled metal piece with flower design
Nicole Jacquard, "Passion Pink," copper, laser engraved enamel, silver, galvanized steel, stainless steel, 3-1/2 x ¾ x 4-1/2 inches