Out of the Box!


Hands-On Art Experiences at Home

Out of the Box! kits provide a week’s worth of activities, similar to a half-day camp. Mini-kits are a shorter version, providing about two day’s worth of activities. Kits include everything you’ll need, with the exception of common household items such as a cup of water or paper towel. Kits can be picked up at Penland or shipped via priority mail. Shipping costs are actual USPS charges and are listed with each camp in the registration screen. Scholarships are available for residents of Yancey, Mitchell, and Avery Counties.

Full 5-Day Kits

Creative Play with Clay
With Anna Early

Ages: 3–6
Cost: $100, tax and shipping will be charged when applicable.

Explore possibilities, discover backyard wonders, and let imaginations run wild while gaining handbuilding skills with clay. For this age group, the joy of playing and creating is the primary focus, so clay pieces will not be fired. On the shelf they’ll last forever, but they won’t be for functional use. The kit contains a wealth of materials, tools, and instructions for making small pots, buttons and beads, ornaments, miniature fantasy lands, nests with birds and eggs, and tiles. Parental supervision is required.

Anna teaches at Spruce Pine Montessori School. She has enjoyed sharing a love of arts and crafts with children at camps and classes for many years.


Around the World Through Stories
With Preeti Happer

Ages: 6–9
Kits available July 1
Cost: $80, tax and shipping will be charged when applicable.

This kit will take children through five countries in five days: India, Tanzania, Mexico, China, and Bali, Indonesia. They’ll be introduced to each country through images and a tale and will make a traditional craft from that country. At the end of each day, children will get to stamp their “passport.” The kit contains written and video instructions and all the supplies needed to create a traditional Indian rangoli using radial symmetry, a Tanzanian recycled bead necklace, a Mexican papel picado banner, a Chinese paper lantern, and a Balinese Barong mask.

Preeti has been an international educator for over 20 years. She was born in Tanzania and is currently residing in Bali, Indonesia. She is passionate about bringing awareness of other cultures to children.


Wooden Toys, Tall Tales, and Traditional Tunes
With Sam Maren

Ages: 9–12
Cost: $115, tax and shipping will be charged when applicable.

Using hand woodworking tools, students will explore the rich tradition of creating simple, functional, and often very clever wooden toys for a fun week of learning about this Appalachian tradition. Make one of the toy projects each day using precut wooden pieces, then enjoy a video of traditional storytelling and songs with Sam. The kit contains written and video instructions and everything you’ll need to make a spinning top, flying whirligig, racing car, tug boat, and stump fiddle.

Sam is a folk musician and woodworker. He has worked with Toe River Arts in the Enhanced Arts for Preschool program, as a resident artist in Mitchell County Schools, and with Penland’s children’s programs for many years.

Out of the Box! Mini

Printmaking 101
With Cassie Floan

Ages: 13–18
Kits available June 1
Cost: $59, tax and shipping will be charged when applicable.

This kit is a fun introduction to a variety of processes, materials, and printmaking methods. Learn about the basics of printmaking, looking at traditional methods and incorporating contemporary techniques. The kit contains written and video instructions, and everything you’ll need to try out monoprinting, packing-tape transfers, and linoleum cuts. It’s a blend of concepts for all abilities; be ready with a creative spark and a cleared table!

Cassie is an educator, photographer, and artist. She teaches at Spruce Pine Montessori and has worked as an artist-in-residence through Toe River Arts and taught Penland Kids Camp for many years.

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