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Iron Summer Session 6

JULY 30–AUGUST 11, 2023
Mike Rossi
Forged By Design

This workshop will use blacksmithing (hand- and power-hammer forging) and fabrication techniques (welding, riveting, bolting, etc) to create thoughtful sculpture and useful objects. We’ll start with introductory challenges, and then move into self-directed projects while participating in design exercises and discussions. We’ll also cover finishing techniques, including bringing color to steel surfaces. Throughout, we’ll consider the context of our work, and investigate the potential of blacksmithing in a 21st century studio practice. We’ll work hard, have fun, and create many new objects!  All levels.  

Studio artist; teaching: Haystack (ME), Ox-Bow (MI), Bryn Athyn College (PA), Kalamazoo College (MI), Penland; Windgate Artist in Residence at San Diego State University (CA) and Purchase College (NY); has an extensive personal library, two cats, and would like to get a dog. | @rossimetals

Mike Rossi, Ansible, inflated steel, 26 x 18 inches
Mike Rossi, Ansible, inflated steel, 26 x 18 inches