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Iron Summer Session 6

Iron Summer Session 6
August 8-19, 2021
Haley Woodward 
Sculptural Forms in Steel

This workshop will explore the fundamentals of blacksmithing in the context of sculptural forms. Starting at the anvil, we’ll go over hand skills and basic operations and cover using a sledgehammer with a partner to increase stock size and improve accuracy. Then we’ll take what we have learned about moving material and translate it to the power hammer, demonstrating its safe and effective use, including top tools and swage dies for making repetitive parts. These techniques will be used to drive the creation of abstract forms and the exploration of material and process. From there, we’ll assemble our work using traditional connections and modern fabrication, letting the feel and narrative of the work determine the best processes. This workshop will be perfect for  beginning/intermediate students who want to build their skills or for experienced blacksmiths ready to push their understanding and expression. All levels. 

Professor at Austin Community College (TX); other teaching: Center of Metal Arts (PA), New England School of Metalwork (ME), Penland; demonstrations: ABANA, CBA, AABA, Metal Museum (TN); exhibitions: Dimension Gallery (TX), Appalachian Center for Craft (TN).

Haley Woodward, "Slow Zone," steel, 36 x 36 inches