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Iron Summer Session 5

Iron Summer Session 5
July 18 – August 2, 2021
Elizabeth Kronfield 
Substitutability: Cast Iron Art Objects

This workshop will explore the use of the substitution method of casting to produce iron sculpture and to spur conversations about how meaning changes as objects are realized in different materials. We’ll work with found objects to make positive and negative sand molds. We’ll cast both of these in iron, resulting in iron objects and iron “chill molds.” A second iron pour will allow students to make multiple castings from the iron molds. Students will also make plaster molds from the original objects, and both the plaster and iron molds can be used to cast other materials such as paper, plaster, concrete, slip, metal, foam, plastic, etc. Pouring iron twice will help students thoroughly understand the processes of melting, operating a cupola, and working with molten iron. Making multiples and working with various materials will illuminate the conceptual potential of casting. All levels.

Studio artist, professor at Rochester Institute of Technology; other teaching: University of Georgia Cortona Italy Program, University of Nebraska, Bowling Green State University (KY), the Crucible (CA); residencies: San Bao Ceramic Arts Institute (China), Keen Foundry (TX), Sloss Metal Arts (AL); exhibitions: San Bao Gallery (China), International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art (PA), Montana Museum of Art and Culture, Nebraska Museum of Art.

three cast baskets
Elizabeth Kronfield, "Empty Baskets," cast iron, wood, 28 x 36 x 48 inches each