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Iron Summer Session 4

JULY 2–14, 2023
J.D. Smith
Damascus: Pattern-Welded Steel Fabrication

This workshop will teach the basics of designing and constructing pattern-welded steel. We’ll use new and updated techniques and procedures: specifically, we will not use welding flux, everything will be done dry to ensure higher success rates. We’ll thoroughly survey the basics as well as the material’s aesthetic potential and functional possibilities. Each student will be able to make objects and/or explore the material based on their interest and skill level. However, this is not a knife-making workshop. All levels. 

Master bladesmith, CEO of Hammersmith Knives & Publications; American Bladesmith Society instructor; adjunct professor at MassArt (Boston) for 25 years; work published in multiple magazines; many of his students have become masters in their own right. 


J.D. Smith, Damascus Details, pattern-welded steel
J.D. Smith, Damascus Details, pattern-welded steel