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Glass A Summer Session 6

Glass Summer Session 6
August 8-19, 2021
Raven Skyriver

This workshop is for people who enjoy blowing glass but haven’t explored sculpting, or those who sculpt glass but want to hone their techniques and learn a new approach. We’ll cover all areas of hot-sculpted glass and study form and proportion, color application, assembly of components, and problem solving. We’ll push comfort levels and discuss technical issues in the studio with the intent of increasing students’ understanding of the material. Students will have the opportunity to assist with demonstrations. Intermediate/advanced level: a solid grounding in the fundamentals of hot glass required. Hot shop.

Studio artist; former member of William Morris team; teaching: Niijima Glass Center (Japan), Pilchuck (WA), The Glass Furnace (Turkey), The Studio at Corning (NY), Aya Glass Studio (Japan), Penland; multiple solo exhibitions at Stonington Gallery (Seattle).

Raven Skyriver, "Awaken," freehand, solid sculpted glass, 13 x 28 x 11 inches