Penland Gallery & Visitors Center

Penland Gallery & Visitors Center

The John & Robyn Horn Gallery
The John & Robyn Horn Gallery

The Penland Gallery is on the main floor of Horner Hall, the first building on your right when you arrive. The main campus is visible in the background.

Penland School encompasses about 420 acres and 57 buildings on a beautiful mountain hillside.

The north entrance lobby of the Penland Gallery & Visitors Center.

The gallery has a covered front porch, which is a comfortable spot for a picnic lunch or a group to gather.

The main campus of the school is a half mile farther up the road from the gallery.

The Craft House, built in 1935, currently houses our supply store and offices.

The Lily Loom House (main office and the textiles studios) and the metals studios.

Guided tours of the campus and studios are offered on Wednesdays when classes are in session. Reservations are required.

Clay and Metals Studios

Our Penland Coffeehouse is located under the Pines Portico on the main campus.

The coffeehouse offers beverages, sandwiches, and sweets for the students and the public.

The Barns studios and apartments – home of the Penland resident artists. The Barns are open for the public to visit.