Exhibition List_2021

EXHIBITIONS | John & Robyn Horn Gallery and FOCUS Gallery





March 9 – April 11, 2021

A delectable collection of work inspired by iconic candy colors. Jordan Almonds, Red Hots, Lemon Heads, M&Ms, Orange Slices and Peach Rings, Jelly Beans, Blue Rock Candy, and Blue Raspberry Sour Patch Kids…..Break out of the ordinary….It’s too good for kids.

Participating artists: Sara Ballek, Vivian Beer, Ashley Buchanan, Jason Bige Burnett, Courtney Dodd, Rachel Donner, John Geci, Morgan Hill, Sarah Holden, Homebody Textiles, Jodie Masterman, Marc + Kari Petrovic, SaraBeth Post, Jay Ryan, Alyssa Salomon, Brad Vetter, and Holly Walker



Different Land | Different Sea
April 14 – June 19, 2021

Susie Ganch is a first-generation American artist of Hungarian heritage. She is a sculptor, jeweler, and educator living in Richmond, VA where she is an associate professor and metal arts lead for the Department of Craft/Material Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University. Ganch received her MFA from University of Wisconsin-Madison. Part of her practice is directing Radical Jewelry Makeover, an international jewelry mining and recycling project that continues to travel across the country and abroad. Issues of waste and cultural habits of consumption are imbued through her work. Her work has been included nationally and internationally in museum exhibitions including: Smithsonian National Museum for Women in the Arts (DC), MFA Boston (MA), the Design Museum (London), the National Gallery of Victoria (Australia), Ueno Royal Museum (Japan), Kohler Art Center (WI), and the Milwaukee Art Museum (WI).

This exhibition includes new works by Ganch, including the sound installation Drift, and her signature constructions from post-consumer waste.

 The days of the isolated studio practice are gone. Sourcing materials from all over the world, artists are economically and politically connecting to the global community even when not thinking about it. I am conscious that every action has a reaction and every decision has a ramification whether good or bad. These ideas inspire me both as a member of the global community and as an artist. Through my work I am able to join my voice and opinions to ideas that affect us all. I do this through community-centered collaborative art, an individual studio practice, and education.


RAMEN + RICE  | the idiosyncratic bowl

April 27 – June 6, 2021

The bowl is a humble form, yet it plays an essential role in our daily life. Artists who have chosen to be a maker of bowls, know it is far more idiosyncratic than you and I might imagine. A bowl has innumerable uses, and with each comes a multitude of creative interpretations. For this exhibition, the artists have been asked to imagine a bowl for ramen or rice – for which there are notable traditional parameters defined by the use, the hand that holds it, and cultural traditions. The bowl is, not surprisingly, a subject for scholars and poets.  



Two Headed Diver  | Lynne Hobaica + Rickie Barnett

June 23 – July 31, 2021

This exhibition brings together the work of Lynne Hobaica and Rickie Barnett; ceramic artists who work both independently and collaboratively in their creative practice – while sharing one small studio. Two Headed Diver will feature ceramic sculpture and functional work from each artist, as well as a collection of their wildly imaginative collaborative pieces. Both Lynne and Rickie construct characters that are rooted in mythologies and fairytales, relationships, and their own personal narratives.

Lynne’s work centers on storytelling, her characters portraying life’s complexities with humor and relatable gestures. The surfaces utilize the ceramic drawing technique of sgrafitto, along with layered slips, glaze, and china paint.  Rickie’s elaborate figurative sculptures are a marriage of light-hearted and dark accounts of life lessons. Reinvented folklores form his cast of characters – playing accordions, carrying shovels, and riding odd four-legged pull toys.  Their collaborations are cohesive and thoughtful, gracefully balancing humor and human struggles with vulnerability that encourages the viewer to look closer.



New work from Penland resident artists and core fellows
July 7 – September 11, 2021

This exhibition featuring work by Penland resident artists and core fellows will place one ambitious work by each of the artists in our John & Robyn Horn Gallery. Additional works will be featured in a virtual exhibition August 17 – September 5.

Penland resident artists: Adam Atkinson, Nate Cotterman, Julia Harrison, Jason Hartsoe, Everett Hoffman, Kit Paulson, Ellie Richards, Adam Whitney

Penland core fellows: Sarina Angell, Molly Bernstein, Mia Kaplan, Maria Fernanda Nuñez, SaraBeth Post, Tony Santoyo, Erica Schuetz, Hannah Mitsu Shimabukuro, and Scott Vander Veen


WEAR | contemporary jewelry

August 25 – October 16 

The Penland Gallery presents WEAR, our annual exhibition exploring current interpretations and material usage in the field of contemporary jewelry.  The exhibition includes both emerging and established makers from through the US.




I is another.
Corn Wagon Thunder + Shae Bishop
September 29 – December 5, 2021

I is another. continues the Penland Gallery’s series of exhibitions, pairing two artists in a synergistic association or conceptual conversation. Shae Bishop’s sculptural ceramic garments disrupt assumptions about function and draw attention to the role of dress in visual communication and personal identity. With her photographs, Corn Wagon Thunder alters her own self-identity, recreating a personal narrative through invented portraiture.


JUST A MOMENT | Corey Pemberton + Michelle Ettrick
October 27 – November 27, 2021 

Corey Pemberton received his BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2012. He has completed residencies internationally at institutions including The Pittsburgh Glass Center (PA), Bruket (Bodø, NO), and a fellowship at the Penland School of Crafts (NC). He currently divides his time between his painting studio and a production glassblowing team in Los Angeles. Corey’s mixed media paintings are personal intimate narratives, where objects and ordinary human gestures coalesce to form an evocative story. 

As humans we make assumptions about people based on things like race, gender expression, socioeconomic status, etc. but preconceived notions can be one dimensional and ultimately quite harmful. When you feel the world wants to ‘other’ you or put you in a certain box, home is often the only place where you feel safe and can truly be yourself.

Michelle Ettrick is a maker of both functional and sculptural work in ceramics. Michelle has an MFA from Pennsylvania State University, and a BFA from the University of Florida. 

My ceramic sculptures and vessels present stories about my childhood, family and my time and struggles as a homeless and disabled person. I use surface imagery to function as a diary to record people, places, and events. Sgraffito, screen printing, and laser decals are used to create the portraits and or narratives on the surfaces to start conversation among the viewers.