2022 Retold | Karen Hampton


Assistant professor at Massachusetts College of Art; residencies: Michigan State University, Sacatar Foundation (Brazil), St. Mary’s Art Center (NV); exhibitions: Honolulu Museum of Art, Wellin Museum of Art (NY), Jack Bell Gallery (London), Gallery Fritz (Santa Fe)


Raffia cloth, pigment, indigo dye, linen paper, hemp; hand stitched
53H x 63.75W inches


Indigo speaks to the women who were dyers and weavers on the plantation.


Kuba cloth, bark cloth, raffia cloth, cotton cloth; assemblage, dyed, painted,
hand stitched
42H x 29W inches


Refugee tells of cross-cultural travel and the many paths of diasporic learning. How if we change our lens and re-examine who the traveler is, we will see the teacher.


Raffia cloth, linen paper, natural dyes; hand stitched
44H x 45W inches


Dreamtime addresses the vortex black and brown people from all cultures live in as they try to survive the dominant white culture.

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