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David Chatt | 1982

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Jessica Calderwood
David Chatt
Shawn HibmaCronan
Stuart Kestenbaum
Sarah Rose Lejeune
Anne Lemanski
John Littleton
Yoonmi Nam
Corey Pemberton
Amy Tavern
Shoko Teruyama
Kate Vogel
Susan Webster

Anne Lemanski | Eugene
Amy Tavern | Non Solus
Amy Tavern | Non Solus (detail)

In Praise of Hands

It’s not just the people
who live in the city

who’ve lost the thread
that ties them to the woven

world of stones and earth,
fields alive with pollen and wings.

Who among us understands
how oceans rise and fall,

currents swirling around the planet
with messages in bottles

floating on the water.
When the tide is out

we can go to the shore
dig clay with our bare hands

and make something beautiful from it,
a vessel with thin walls

that holds a canyon.
In both hands, like an offering,

we can hold the memory
of eroded stones and earth,

eons contained in this empty bowl.
We can fill it with water

that reflects the sky that has
witnessed everything since

time began, we can drink and be blessed,
clouds gathering over us.

In Praise of Hands by Stuart Kestenbaum, from Prayers & Run-on Sentences
© Deerbrook Editions, 2007

Kestenbaum + Webster | Time
Corey Pemberton | Still I will proudly declare that there is something queer about it
Shoko Teruyama | Occupy
Yoonmi Nam | Take Out (Thank You Thank You Thank You)
Shawn HibmaCronan | Never Done
Shawn HibmaCronan | Never Done (detail)
Littleton Vogel | Trust
Kestenbaum + Webster | The Light and the Dark
Corey Pemberton | It's Warmer at Home
Anne Lemanski | Jeanette
David Chatt | 1982

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Anne Lemanski | Work