2018 Focus Gallery_WEAR

This exhibition includes 18 artists that explore new uses for common materials and skillfully exploit the material qualities to produce exceptional wearable pieces. The exhibition also includes a number of artists that use more traditional materials and techniques – altered and refined with a contemporary sensibility. We are very excited to bring you a collection that celebrates the crossing of boundaries and new technical skills in the ingenious field of adornment.

Work will be available for purchase at the gallery on August 3rd, and through our online SHOP beginning on August 15th

Brooke Marks-Swanson | Tracings I
Tanya Crane | Southwest Cravat

WEAR | Artists

Erica Bello
Ashley Buchanan
Kat Cole
Nikki Couppee
Tanya Crane
Caroline Gore
Sarah Holden
Anna Johnson
Michal Lando
Maia Leppo
Tara Locklear
Gustav Reyes
Biba Schutz
Brooke Marks-Swanson
Jess Tolbert
Julia Turner
Myung Urso
Laura Wood


Myung Urso | Gemini Necklace
Anna Johnson | Muscari Earrings
Ashley Buchanan | Links with Links Earrings
Kat Cole | Multiple Strand Tube Necklace