2016 Installations | Sculptures


The sculpture courtyard is located in the north entrance to the Penland Gallery & Visitors Center and is a pivotal intersection space between the historic Horner Hall and the new exhibition gallery. The garden is an entrance, a gathering space, a location for temporary installations and large scale sculptural works for sale. This is an important gateway into both the gallery and the Penland offices located on the second floor. The walled garden is a mix of concrete and Stalite material suitable for the placement of sculptures and viewable from both the atrium lobby and exhibition gallery. Visitors entering down the stairs from the north side will also view the garden from above the retaining wall.

Currently on view: BILL BROWN | The Mediator

The two exterior locations for temporary installations are located in key entrance locations to our new exhibition wing; one as the visitor approaches the main sculpture garden, and the second is a sheltered courtyard space which is viewed from the interior glass walled corridor into the exhibition gallery. The installations play a vital role in welcoming visitors and fellow artists into this creative community. The artists invited to create installations will be both emerging and established artists investigating site specific installations as a part of their studio practice.  A review team will be comprised of Penland’s executive director, gallery director, programs director, and deputy director, will curate and invite artists based on their ability to respond to the site location and create an installation that will meaningfully engage visitors.  This is an opportunity for emerging artists to build experience and encourage conversation about their concept and process, for more established artists, a space in which to experiment with new concepts or materials is invaluable.

Currently on view: CHRISTINA SHMIGEL | Garden Borrowing the View from Afar

The location of the south lawn sculpture pad serves as a welcoming landmark for visitors and arriving students and instructors, creating a destination marker, portal or entryway into the school. The sculpture provides context for what visitors will find inside the building as well as signaling the arrival into a creative community. The sculptures are on loan to the school for up to three years and available for purchase.

Currently on view: HOSS HALEY | New Growth

2016 Artists

Hoss Haley
Bill Brown
Jackson Martin
Christina Shmigel
Laurencia Strauss

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