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Drawing & Painting Summer Session 5

JULY 16–28, 2023
Joseph Hart
Exploratory Drawing

The goal of this workshop is to loosen up artistically and explore fresh approaches to observational and abstract drawing. Each day will feature a mix of studio exercises, technical demonstrations, discussions, prompts, and independent drawing. Students will experiment with a range of techniques and media to create ambitious, bold, and provocative drawings that may be small, medium, or large in size. Materials will include paper, graphite, charcoal, ink, acrylic paint, found objects, and more. We’ll emphasize playfulness and personal creative growth. Students can expect to work in series, collaborate in small groups, and develop independent drawing projects. All levels. 

Studio artist; teaching: Rhode Island School of Design, City College of New York, Penland; Romer Young Gallery (San Francisco), Halsey Mckay Gallery (NY), David Krut Projects (NYC), Cooper Cole Gallery (Toronto), Galerie Vidal Saint-Phalle (Paris); collections: Rhode Island School of Design Museum, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum (NYC). | @hartjoseph

Joseph Hart, Untitled, colored pencil on paper, 12 x 8 inches
Joseph Hart, Untitled, colored pencil on paper, 12 x 8 inches