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Clay B Summer Session 7

Clay Summer Session 7
August 23-29, 2020
Elena Renker

Kurinuki is an old Japanese technique of handbuilding. It involves carving and marking the exterior form from a solid block of clay and then hollowing it out. This sculptural approach allows complete freedom in shaping vessels. We’ll use the technique to explore various forms, from tea bowls to sake bottles, vases, boxes, and large bowls. Some of the work will be glazed and fired in a gas kiln. All levels. Code 07CB

Studio artist; teaching: Auckland Studio Potters (New Zealand), workshops in New Zealand and overseas; Shigaraki Ceramic Culture Park residency (Japan); exhibitions: Front Room Gallery (New Zealand), Mungyeong Ceramic Museum (Korea), Sogo Department Store (Tokyo); representation: Schaller Gallery (MI), Form Gallery (New Zealand), Te Uru Gallery (New Zealand).

Angled tea bowl in black and white
Elena Renker, "Kurinuki Tea Bowl," woodfired stoneware, 4 x 5 inches