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Clay B Summer Session 5

Clay Summer Session 5
July 19 – August 4, 2020
Arturo Córdova & Cristina Córdova
Sculpture in Motion

Students in this workshop will create an articulated ceramic sculpture and use it to develop a stop-motion animation sequence. We’ll present methods for building and finishing ceramic components as well as strategies for unifying the parts with metal elements that will facilitate posing. We’ll cover basic lighting and animation techniques focusing on the fundamentals of movement to create stop-motion progressions inside personalized sets using Dragonframe software. All levels. Code 05CB

Arturo: artist and animator; professional experience: 10.30 Animation Collective (Mexico), Charged Studios (NYC); currently building sets and animating on a short film called Andromeda. Cristina: studio artist; teaching: Haystack (ME), University of Nebraska, Gaya Ceramics (Bali); USArtists Fellowship, North Carolina Arts Council Fellowship; collections: Renwick Gallery (DC), Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (Puerto Rico).

Watch the animations from Arturo and Cristina’s last Penland workshop!

3 stacked ceramic mugs with an image of a woman's hair that carries up the stack
Arturo Córdova, "Stack," ceramic, 12 inches tall
Sculpture of a human head with various objects suspended beneath it
Cristina Córdova, Recolección, ceramic, wire, 60 inches tall