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Clay B Summer Session 4

Clay Summer Session 4
July 3–15
Bobby Scroggins
Direct Hollow-Core Construction

This workshop will present a method of clay sculpting that will expedite figurative projects, facilitating the completion and firing of flawless pieces in a short time frame relative to scale and complexity. This is an ideal approach for art teachers and figurative sculptors who want to eliminate firing losses. While most traditional methods of clay sculpting call for making hollow forms through slab or coil methods, this process involves rapid construction over temporary armatures, eliminating most structural concerns. We’ll cover maquette making, armature building, clay modeling, glazing, and firing. We’ll work with white stoneware and fire to cone 6 oxidation. All levels. Lower clay studio.

Professor of ceramics and sculpture at University of Kentucky, faculty and former chair of visual arts at The Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts; work in exhibitions and collections through the U.S. and abroad; publications: The Craft and Art of Clay, Contemporary Ceramics.

Bobby Scroggins, Family, ceramic, 36 x 26 x 26 inches
Bobby Scroggins, Family, ceramic, 36 x 26 x 26 inches